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Within the Arval product range, ArcelorMittal Construction offers a number of complete roofing systems for every need.

This offer contains simple solutions made of decking profiles or sandwich panels as well as complex compositions of metal decking, insulation and aesthetic profiles for buildings requiring a certain acoustic, thermal or fire protection performance combined with special architectural design features.

For a detailed description of the various types of GlobalRoof®, their components and characteristics, please consult the ArcelorMittal Arval website (see link on the right).

GlobalRoof®DSP                                 DSP Toptherm                                        CIN 325 P/C

Ondtherm T                                 Ondatherm 900 S                                        Ondafibre

GlobalRoof® DP                               Hairaquatic C118                                        GlobalRoof HO

                                Kalypso                                                  Ekinoxe

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