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Long Products

HISTAR® Innovative high strength steels

HISTAR steels are structural grades with a low alloy content, combining high strength, good toughness and superior weldability. In this brochure you can find information to guide you towards choosing the appropriate steel grades and using their full potential.

Steel sheet piling - General Catalogue 2014

ArcelorMittal Sheet Piling, the world’s largest producer of hot-rolled steel sheet piles, has recently launched the newes version of its sales program, including hot rolled steel sheet piles, cold formed sheet piles, bearing piles and foundation solutions.

Sections and Merchant Bars - Sales Programme

The ArcelorMittal sales programme 2012 for hot rolled sections presents European, British, American, Japanese and Russian sections and merchant bars offer as well as innovative solutions like e.g. cellular and slim floor beams.

Flat Products

Magnelis® - Protection in the harshest environments

Magnelis® is an exceptional, new metallic steel coating providing surface protection in a variety of applications against long-term wear and tear. This unique coating offers a combination of attributes - download this brochure to find out more!

Aluzinc® in Building

ALUZINC stands for aluminium and zinc, fused in almost equal proportions to coat the steel sheet with a unique silvery spangle, composed of aluminium, zinc and a touch of silicon to achieve perfect harmony with the steel.

Nature - new collection of sustainable organic coated products

Nature - the new collection of organic coated steels - is the result of more than 15 years of successful research and testing and is always delivered with coatings and surface treatments free of hexavalent chromium and heavy metals.

Concrete Reinforcements

Steel Fibres for Flooring applications

Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete (SFRC) is a modern composite material. By adding fibres to the concrete, a load-bearing capacity similar to traditionally reinforced concrete is obtained.

Steel Fibres for Shotcrete applications

Ongoing research at ArcelorMittal has resulted in the development of a variety of steel fibres for shotcrete, each performing best in its specific application.

Profiles & Panels


Arval's Colour chart Colorissime presents you all available colours and coating systems for the product range of ArcelorMittal Construction. Download here your copy and make your selection.

Arval Material Selection Guide

The Arval Material Selection Guide offers the complete range of coatings available for roofing and facade products, helping you design your steel solutions with the appropriate material and the right appearance.

Brochure Pflaum & Söhne Bausysteme

In this new brochure Pflaum & Söhne presents its entire range of innovative and aesthetic solutions for façade cladding: PUR- and rockwool panels and the Linear Façade system. Functionality and design are guaranteed.

Arval Design Façades - Freedom to Create

Here we present the brochure of the aesthetic product range of Arval by ArcelorMittal. Sheets, sunbreakes, cassette stystems from innovative to classic - find your inspiration and feel free to create!

Arval Sunstyl - A fresh look at sun screens

Imagine architecture that changes hour by hour, day and night and discover where nature's brightness is brought inside for your well- being! Download here the brochure "Sunstyl", the range of sun screens by ArcelorMittal.

Steel Frame Components

Angelina TM beams

The Angelina TM beam offers a new architectural dimension within an environmentally friendly approach. Thanks to a reduced production time and substantial material savings, this beam meets the economic requirements of your projects.

Frame Solutions: Built-Up Sections

This publication presents the wide variety of Welded Built - Up Sections for a great number of applications: Box girders, gantry girders, bridges, footbridges/gangways, floor joists, piles/structural columns for mixed construction.

Beam finishing

ArcelorMittal beam finishing centre offers complete range of fabrication and finishing operations to improve the technical capabilities from our partners: steel fabricators and general contractors.

Slim Floor - An innovative concept for floors

Developed and offered by the ArcelorMittal group, the Slim Floor system is a fast, innovative and economical solution which marries prefabricated concrete slabs with built-in steel beams.

ACB® Cellular Beams

The lightweight appearance of cellular beams, combined with their high strength, never ceases to inspire architects to new structural forms. Structures are lightened and spans increased, pulling spaces together.


Stainless steel in construction

ArcelorMittal, its branches and its customers, offer numerous products or solutions in stainless steel. This work incorporates in a single document the entire standard range of supply, presented for each work function.

The Ferritic Solution

In the face of an explosion in raw-material costs, ferritic stainless steels are emerging as a useful solution in many applications where cost-saving material substitution has become an imperative.

Material user guide

Arval Material Selection Guide

Material Guide covers the whole range of Arval products: coatings and colours for steel products for roofing and façades.

Metallic coated steel - User manual

This handbook deals with all the important aspects concerning the use of metallic coated steel: product descriptions, durability, corrosion protection, forming and joining techniques and painting.

Steel for enamelling and enamelled steel: user manual

Enamelled steel is a material with exceptional properties and has many applications in various aspects of everyday life. The use of enamelled steel is a first-rate solution in the construction industry for cladding or interiors.

Building design guide

Design Manual: Steel Buildings in Europe

This Best Practice Design Manual consists of a series of technical guides intended to facilitate the applications of the Eurocodes for the design of multi and single storey steel buildings.

Arval Floor System Guide

In this publication Arval presents its range of floor construction systems which reflect recent developments in regulation, design and installation.

Car Parks in Steel

Car parks in steel respond well to the development of city traffic and make it possible to optimise the occupation of the car parks space and offer better fire resistance and to achieve competitive costs.

Civil Engineering design guide

Impervious steel sheet pile walls: Design & Practical approach

ArcelorMittal carried out an exhaustive research project on impervious steel sheet pile interlocks in collaboration with Deltares (Delft Geotechnics). The results of this project were published in this publication.

ArcelorMittal Piling Handbook

The new Piling Handbook is intended to assist less experienced engineers in their daily work and act as a reminder for the more experienced engineer.

Safety design guide

Earthquake Resistant Steel Structures

This document aims to present in a straightforward manner the essentials of seismic design of steel structures.

Design Guide for Floor Vibrations

The design guide comprehends simple methods, design tools and recommendations for the acceptance of vibration of floors which are caused by people during normal use.

Design Guide - Fire Safety of Industrial Hall

This design guide is a response of the steel industry to the new fire safety regulations introduced recently in many European countries.

Fire Resistance of Steel Structures, by ArcelorMittal LCS Research Centre

This tool provides a first estimation of the ISO fire resistance of steel beams and columns, both protected and unprotected. The approach is based on EN 1993-1-2.


STYLTECH TM - Steel frames for housing

STYLECH TM is ArcelorMittal`s offer of light steel profiles for the residential sector. STYLTECH TM guarantees freedom of design, fast and easy construction and convinces as an economical and energy efficient solution!

PROTEA® - affordable quality housing

PROTEA® is a modular construction system. Standardised components are entirely prefabricated in factories, packed in protective containers and delivered on-site, ready to be assembled in 4 days by 4 local people.

Refurbishment by steelwork

The refurbishment of existing buildings and bridges is nowadays an emerging activity. Since the 1970s, we observe that the building industry become more and more focused on consolidation, rehabilitation and modernisation of old buildings.

Stainless steel for swimming pools

This technical guide, addressed to swimming pools´ designers, builders and managers, takes up in detail each of stainless steel qualities in swimming pool projects: innovative, competitive and durable.

Euro-build+: best practice in steel construction - residential buildings

This publication presents best practice for the design of steel construction technologies used in residential buildings.

Euro-build+: best practice in steel construction - industrial buildings

This publication presents best practice for the design of steel construction technologies used in industrial buildings.

Euro-build+: best practice in steel construction - commercial buildings

This publication presents best practice for the design of steel construction technologies used in commercial buildings.

Stainless Steel for Roofing

This brochure presents ArcelorMittal's stainless steel offer for roofing. You will find the selection guide for the steel grades according to the exposure, the surface finishes and the sizes.

Product Gallery 2007 - Stainless Service UK Limited

ArcelorMittal - Stainless Service UK Limited presents a product gallery with a selection of 11 projects located in the United Kingdom completed during 2007.

Product Gallery 2009 - Stainless Service UK Limited

ArcelorMittal - Stainless Service UK Limited presents a product gallery with a selection of 15 projects located in the United Kingdom completed during 2008 and 2009.

Civil Engineering

Safety Barriers

Providing safe, sustainable steels are key values for ArcelorMittal. So it’s only natural that the world’s leading provider of flat carbon steels is active in the development of safer steel solutions for road safety equipment.

Bridges with rolled sections

This brochure provides precise suggestions and alternatives to put forward at an early stage which contribute to the optimisation of a construction project.

Foundation Solutions Steel Sheet Piles - Underground Car Parks

This publication of ArcelorMittal RPS presents 6 case studies of underground car parks where steel sheet piles have been chosen as a permanent solution for foundation.

Stainless steel in bridges and footbridges

This guide, illustrated by numerous structural examples, demonstrates the interest of this material and shows the range of stainless steel produced by ArcelorMittal for these applications.

Renewable Energy

ArcelorMittal, steel solutions provider to the global wind energy industry

ArcelorMittal is constantly developing new technologies which improve the sustainability of its products and business practices. This brochure present the latest ArcelorMittal solutions for the wind industry.

Steel solutions for Solar installation

One of the most environmentally friendly ways to generate electricity is by conversion of sunlight using photovoltaic and solar thermal technologies. ArcelorMittal offers high performance steels, advanced metallic coatings and structural solutions for these kinds of installations.

Long Steel Products for Renewable Energy

For modern industry, steel is one of the most important materials, especially for the energy industry. In 2011, only considering energy infrastructure ArcelorMittal supplied over 4 million tons of steel.

Sustainability & Durability

Metals for Buildings - Essential & fully Recyclable

This publication has been developed by METALS FOR BUILDINGS, the alliance of European Metals Associations active in the building sector to promote the unique strengths of metal products for recyclable and sustainable buildings.

Corrosion protection of rolled steel sections using hot-dip galvanization

Hot-dip galvanization of structural steel components exposed to atmospheric conditions constitutes a highly effective durable corrosion protection method.

EUROFER: Eco-design package - Composite Flooring Systems

EUROFER, the European Confederation of Iron and Steel Industries, is committed to advancing sustainable development throughout the European steel industry.This Eco-Design package focuses on the application of composite flooring systems.

Our Steel Solutions for your Green Building

Strongly believing in the steel´s values for Green Building ArcelorMittal reaffirms its commitment to delivering the building sector the appropriate offer.

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