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Indaten® and Arcorox® - self-protecting steels with raw aesthetic

Today, weathering steel is more fashionable than ever. It fits with modern ideas that architecture and infrastructure should blend in with the natural and built environment. Using our decades of experience with corrosion resistance mechanisms, ArcelorMittal has developed its own brands of weathering steels: Indaten® for flat products, and Arcorox® for sections and published a new dedicated brochure.

This publication aims to provide you with a good understanding of ArcelorMittal’s weathering steels and how they can be used. The document also included several examples of successful projects realised in weathering steels to inspire your future projects.

Like a fine wine, weathering steel is enriched by air and enhanced with age. When exposed to the natural environment, this magical steel develops a beautiful patina which serves as protective armour and is the basis for the steel’s trademark purplish brown colouring. The marvellous paradox of weathering steels is that rust protects the steel from rust!

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