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Sample Order Form

You can order here free samples of our steel coating range for the construction market.
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All samples are available in size A4.

Please note: you can order a maximum of 10 samples per request
Granite® Farm

Granite® Comfort

Granite® HDX

Granite® HDS
Granite® Rain HDX

Granite® Rain HDS

Granite® HFX Cool – single-sided 55 µm

Granite® Deep Mat

Granite® Silky Shine

Granite® Impression

Granite® Storm

Granite® Quartz

Solano® Nature





Following Samples are available in CD-Format:
Granite® Impression Cloudy

Granite® HDX

Granite® Rain

Granite® HFX Cool
Granite® Deep Mat

Granite® Storm

Granite® Impression Agate

Granite® Impression Elephant

Granite® Impression Snake

Granite® Quartz

Solano® Nature

Estetic® Tex

Estetic® High Tech

Enamelled steels

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